A Message from Sensei Brian McClernan

Sensei Brian is a Yondan-Fourth Degree Black Belt and Certified AJA ( American Ju-Jijitsu Association) Instructor

Under the tutelage of Dr. John D. McCurdy, (former Northern Regional Director of the AJA and President of the AJA), Sensei Terry Feelemyer and Sensei Paul Klara, he honed his skills from three of the most respected instructors in the AJA. After reaching the rank of Nidan – Second Degree Black Belt, he built his Dojo in his Timonium, Maryland home. After moving to Carroll County, Maryland in 2014, Brian began a Ju-Jitsu program at the local YMCA. From there, he moved the Dojo to The Gym, in Westminster.

Ho’on Dojo is blessed to have the caliber of top-notch martial artists, who started from the ground up, evolving into a well-rounded Jujitsukas.

Sensei Brian resides in Carroll County with his wife and son, and they are both huge supporters of his teachings and students. Sensei Brian also is a big supporter of Autism Speaks. Brian has been very active in the organization by having first-hand knowledge of raising his son who has Autism.

Sensei Brian’s Mentors

From left to right, Hanshi John “Dennis” McCurdy, 10 Degree Black belt, retired. Brian McClernan, brown belt, and Sensei Terry Feelemyer, retired. Circa 2004.
Sensei Paul Klara, not pictured.

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