Our Dojo is always looking for new students who have the heart, mind and determination to train with us. We do not discriminate any training level.

Our Training Techniques

Japanese JuJitsu uses a blend of ground or standing work of Akido, Karate & Judo.

Our Dojo

Our Dojo has been training for almost 15 years. We are serious about training you in Japanese JuJitsu. Step into a world of martial arts tradition dating back nearly 2000 years. Join Sensei Brian McClernan, a 4th degree black belt in traditional Japanese Ju-Jitsu, at his Westminster Dojo, located in “The Gym” at The TownMall of Westminster. We offer anyone over the age of 15 to take a trial class to see what we are about when we hit the mats. Call Sensei directly at 410-925-6035.

Ho'on Dojo also offers the ability to book on-site Active Shooter Defense Training that comes to your place of business.

Our Students

Meet some of the Men & Women on the mats of Ho'on Dojo in Westminster, MD.

Student Testimonials

Hear what some of our past and present students have to say about Sensei Brian K. McClernan and Ho'on Dojo

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Whether you want to come just watch a class, have questions or want to join the Dojo, we want to hear from you! We are located inside the Town Mall of Westminster at "The Gym."

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