Ho’on Dojo students have heart and determination. Ho’on Dojo isn’t a martial arts factory or a place that rushes you through belts all while paying for each step of the way. We offer various days and times of the week for a flexible schedule and welcome both male and female students starting as young as 15* with no upper age limit. Our ideal student in the dojo is not a certain age, just someone who has their heart into the practice.

Remember, a belt, whether white or black, only holds your pants up. It does not define you. You, your mind, your desire, your dedication will always be more important than a colored belt. A true Martial Artist, not only trains in their art, they live it, both in and out of the Dojo. They carry its spirit with them always, in their hearts, minds, body and souls. And remember this…. a true martial artist is always……humble.

Black Belts

Black Belt
Matt, a 1 degree brown belt, also started at Ho'on Dojo's self-defense class, almost two years ago. His unique ability to learn techniques quickly and efficiently, make Matt a true asset to our dojo.
Black Belt
Darrin F., a 1st degree brown belt and assistant instructor, sharpened his skills over the past two years and has become an inspiration to other students and Darrin's skill-set is unlike any other.
Black Belt
Dayna, a 1st degree brown belt, started in our self-defense class two years ago and transitioned into our Ju-Jitsu program. Dayna's willpower and sheer determination has made her one of Ho'on Dojo's top students.
Black Belt
Dominic, has been with Ho'on Dojo, almost since it's inception. Dominic's loyalty and determination makes him a skilled practitioner of this art.
Black Belt
Adam, a 2nd degree brown belt, came to Ho'on Dojo with his intimidating size and brute strength. At Ho'on Dojo, Adam learned how to focus his strength and size to become a well rounded martial artist.